FusionPrep, the iPad-based pro kitchen management app that solves three of the most intractable problems of food and beverage service—Product Standardization, Health Regulation Conformance and Food Preparation procedures—announced deals with fast-growing chains Metro Diner, Mission BBQ, and Grub Burger Bar. FusionPrep is live with hundreds of restaurants and at chains including PDQ, Old Spaghetti Factory, and World of Beer.

FusionPrep gives managers and culinary teams greater insight into kitchen workflow, enabling single restaurants, multi-site or franchise chains to seamlessly store and update recipes, builds, training documents, photos, and videos; then deliver it simultaneously to all their kitchens online, simply and agilely via iPads. This ensures that all teams across all units, no matter the location, understand and prepare dishes in a company approved, standardized manner.

Food safety labels can be printed directly from the recipe for any prepared item, ensuring that all labels always have the right information including shelf life, portioning information, prep date information, and the team member that prepped the item.

The platform also simplifies prep lists and lets users take on-hand counts and generate prep-lists based on par levels that are set on a unit level. Individual users complete their line checks digitally with optional prompts for temperature and protein weights. Because the platform requires users to open the recipe to print a label, procedures are displayed to reinforce good behavior.

FusionPrep also delivers above-store reporting so that culinary and operations teams can see exactly what's happening in all of their kitchens.

“FusionPrep has revolutionized the way pro kitchens prepare food. Streamlining processes and eliminating waste is always a key to profitability. Just as important, no chain wants to deal with a contaminated food issue or sick customers. With that in mind we developed FusionPrep to empower restaurants by increasing communication, consistency and in turn, improve the service they provide their customers,” sats FusionPrep co-founder and CEO Chon Nguyen.

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