Frymaster announces the addition of high efficiency tube fryers to the Frymaster family of fryers – the HD50, HD50GDD, HD60G, HD63G, HD65G, and LHD65.

The Frymaster HD team of gas, high-efficiency, tube-type fryers is designed for high-volume frying and maximum efficiency. The Frymaster HD gas fryers have low idle costs, lower gas consumption per pound of food cooked, and extended oil life, as well as energy efficiency. These versatile fryers are ideal for everything from fries to bone-in chicken, freezer, fresh breaded or wet battered foods, heavy loads, and large-size menu items requiring more frying area. 

Enhanced Thermo-Tube heat-transfer elements, including a larger oil interface and new baffle design – make the most of every Btu, efficiently transferring the fryer’s energy input into the oil. The larger heat-transfer area reduces the heat per square inch needed to attain and maintain desired cooking temperatures, which reduces the oil’s heat load and, ultimately, the breakdown of the frying oil. The LHD65 model lowers traditional flue temperatures more than 50 percent .

The Frymaster HD family of gas tube fryers will handle a wide range of menu items, make short work of high sediment frying, and with the controller options available, can even compensate for varying cook loads. Models range from oil capacities of 50 to 100 lbs., cooking depths of 3-3/4” to 5-3/4”, and 1 to 6 frypots. Built-in filtration supports regular filtration. Nothing maximizes oil life and fried food quality better than a regular program of filtration.

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