Frontline International, a leader in cooking oil management solutions, knows safer grease-handling practices are integral to lowering risk and protecting employees from injury. The hot grill area is one of the most challenging when it comes to the safe collection and disposal of fats and oils, because grill grease tends to coagulate quickly when cooled.

Further, unlike a fryer, there is no easy to tap pump that can move the oil to a waste grease and oil containment tank. Frontline International has developed a heated Grill Grease System that works in concert with any of their waste oil management systems to complete your Smart Oil Management program.

This system allows you to collect grill grease throughout the workday in a stainless steel caddy positioned under the grill drains. Solids are collected in an easy-to-clean sediment basket, while a silicone heater helps prevent congealing in the transport caddy. At the end of the day, simply wheel the caddy to your waste oil containment tank, where grease can be pumped in at a rate of 5 gallons per minute via the 110v industrial motor.

This system is UL and UL Sanitation Listed and features seamless, easy-to-clean construction and swivel casters with brakes for steady positioning under grill drains. Quick-connect fittings ensure no manual handling of grease by employees and also help to maintain cleaner floors. 

When you show your staff you care about their safety, they feel more dedicated and work harder on the job. Making grill grease handling safer in your restaurant kitchen is good for everyone.

Frontline International’s fresh and waste oil systems are modular and flexible to fit in every restaurant kitchen, no matter your challenges regarding cost or limited space. All equipment includes a one-year warranty on both parts and labor.

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