Frisch’s Big Boy is making the commitment to improve the well-being of farm animals. By 2024 or sooner, Frisch’s will only source chicken from farms that have earned Global Animal Partnership certification or farms that are certified by another third-party audited animal welfare program that meets G.A.P. standards on breed and housing conditions (light, litter, space, and enrichment). Additionally, by 2024, all Frisch’s chicken will be processed using CAS, widely considered as more humane.

“There’s much work to be done in raising the level of welfare of farm animals, and Frisch’s Big Boy is beginning its commitment by working with poultry farmers who have earned G.A.P. certification. We will continue to provide updates and details as we learn and expand our promise to the well-being of animals and our planet,” says Jason Vaughn, president and CEO of Frisch’s.

“Mercy For Animals applauds Frisch’s Big Boy for adopting the Better Chicken Commitment, an industry-leading set of animal welfare standards that meaningfully improves the treatment of chickens raised for meat,” adds Hillary Hendrickson, Corporate Relations manager. “In adopting the Better Chicken Commitment, Frisch’s demonstrates its desire to prioritize animal welfare and transparency in its supply chain. Mercy For Animals looks forward to working with Frisch’s on the successful implementation of these meaningful animal welfare standards.”

In 2019, Frisch’s debuted the Impossible Big Boy, made from Impossible Foods’ flagship product, Impossible Burger. Last month, Frisch’s Big Boy was among the first in the nation to add Impossible Sausage Made from Plants to its breakfast menu. Impossible products use less land, water, and have a lower climate impact than traditional burgers and sausage, creating a more sustainable food system.

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