Free Fribbles for all. 

That’s one way Friendly’s Restaurants, known for the beloved ultra-creamy, extra-thick milkshake, is celebrating the life and legacy of its founder Pres Blake, who passed away earlier this year at the age of 106 years old. Craig Erlich, CEO of Friendly’s Restaurants, made the announcement at a Celebration of Life event for Pres held on May 24th.

“What better way to honor Pres and the 86th birthday of Friendly’s than by giving out free Fribbles, the hallmark dessert of Friendly’s restaurants and Pres’ favorite treat, to our loyal guests,” says Erlich. “Pres and his brother Curtis built the Friendly’s business based on their love of ice cream and the promise of a friendly place for families to gather. As stewards of this beloved brand, their legacy will continue to shape the future of Friendly’s.”

The legendary Fribble dates back to the 1930s. The name Fribble was created by an employee of Friendly’s Ice Cream who won a contest to come up with a new name for the popular milkshake. 

Today, the Fribble remains one of the most popular Friendly’s menu items and comes in 18 plus premium flavors.

Later this year and to further honor the Blake family, Friendly’s will also launch an Employee Excellence Award with recognition and incentives given to employees of Friendly’s restaurants that live the Friendly’s mission, vision and values on which Friendly’s was founded.

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