Friendly Ice Cream Corporation has announced that Georgetowne Ventures, LLC of Freehold, New Jersey, has become a franchisee of Friendly's restaurants.  

The company plans to build and operate two Friendly's Ice Cream Shops and two full-service restaurants in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Georgetowne will launch the Friendly's Ice Cream Shop concept, a new format that will serve Friendly's signature ice cream desserts and trademark Fribbles in 2011 in Jackson, New Jersey.  

Friendly's plans to roll out additional Ice Cream Shop locations in strip malls and lifestyle centers.  The Ice Cream Shop will be branded as Friendly's Scoop as part of a pilot program in conjunction with a newly constructed, freestanding Burger King as part of a two-tenant building.

Experienced restaurant operators, Georgetowne partners Joseph Anghelone and John Poloski, through their affiliate companies, employ more than 400 people in New Jersey. The company has been recognized for its track record of strong performance and its commitment to quality, service and cleanliness.

"We are very pleased to partner with Georgetowne Ventures as we expand in New Jersey and prepare for the launch of our Friendly's Ice Cream Shop concept," says Friendly's chairman and CEO Harsha V. Agadi.  "With their years of experience and success as restaurant franchisees, we know that Joe and John will act as great stewards of the Friendly's brand."

Anghelone, who is managing owner of Georgetowne Ventures, states, "Our company is proud to join the family of Friendly's operators.  They have served their customers faithfully with the finest products offered by this highly recognized brand with a heritage rich in consumer satisfaction and loyalty."

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