Fresh n’ Lean, a ready-to-eat plant-based meal delivery service, is introducing Beyond Meat to their menu. Beyond Meat is part of Fresh n’ Lean’s A La Carte section. There a customer can order Beyond Meat patties in bulk (4 patties/container) or they can order the special plant-based performance meal. The much-anticipated plant-based performance line will roll out this summer and will be athlete tested and approved.

Co-CEO of Fresh n’ Lean, Thomas Asseo, projects that the company will sell 100,000 Beyond Meat patties this year. Asseo said, “we like Beyond Meat because it’s one of the very few vegan proteins that not only meets our requirements for taste, but it’s also a clean label product that meets our standards for quality.”

Beyond Meat’s availability was selective but with customers now being able to get it shipped to their homes, those who didn’t have plant-based protein options now do. Fresh n’ Lean is truly delivering plant-based convenience to their customers.

The potential market for plant-based “meat” is limitless let alone the direct to consumer market. When you add two and two together, the partnership between Beyond Meat and Fresh n’ Lean will transform the food industry.

Today’s current meat market represents $1.4 trillion and is the main contributor to climate change. Livestock production uses one third of the world’s fresh water and 1.3 billion tons of grain. Meat production is no longer sustainable unlike Beyond Meat. They produce 90% fewer greenhouse gases and use 99% less water. Plant-based products grew by more than 17% last year, according to Nielsen Research while other grocery products grew 2%.

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