Fresh mango can be enjoyed at all points along the ripeness spectrum, from green to very ripe, making versatility one of the mangos most value-added qualities. Although mangos are harvested when mature, they are not yet ripe. So it’s important to order fresh mangos based on desired ripeness or your operation’s capacity to ripen on site, as mangos ripen only at room temperature, like a banana.

Fresh green mangos add crisp texture and tart flavor to salads and sides. Pickled green mango and Green Mango Chutney brighten flavors on the plate. As mangos ripen, the texture softens and the flavor (one of the world’s more popular) becomes more pronounced. Ripe mangos yield to the touch and hold their shape – chopped and sliced – in cold applications and hot ones, such as Grilled Mango and Tandoori Chicken. Puree fully ripe mangos to add tropical color and aroma to sauces and dressings, as well as signature flair to beverages like Mango Michelada.

Green or ripe, fresh mangos make ideal year-round menu partners.


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