Whether the prediction is for “Haute Homey” and “Cobb Karma,” “Foods with Benefits” and “Stealth Health,” or “locally grown produce,” indicators show Fresh California Avocados moving to the produce forefront in 2014, and taking on a prominent role on menus across all segments.

For example, La Condesa (St. Helena, California) executive chef Chris Mortensen transforms a humble Latino snack into an “haute homey” California Avocado Torta. While, chef Gloria Ciccarone-Nehls serves up “stealth health” at The Big 4 and Nob Hill Spa (San Francisco, California) in a savory Mediterranean Grilled Veggie Wrap with California Avocado Spread.

In a season that stretches from April through September, the growers of Fresh California Avocados supply operators with premium quality, Hand Grown in California Avocados.


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