Foodservice Radio, the new streaming 24-hour radio station dedicated to the foodservice industry, is live and is officially launching at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, May 5-8, 2012.

Foodservice Radio features interviews on topics critical to foodservice operators including menu development, management tools, marketing ideas, industry trends, and more. Listeners will hear from industry experts and more importantly, other foodservice operators and chefs.

“Research shows that streaming Internet radio reached 40 percent of the U.S. population last month,” says station owner Bob Ryals. “The increased adoption of internet radio provides an excellent opportunity to deliver relevant foodservice information through this growing medium.”  

With almost one million foodservice outlets and 14 million employees in the United States, the market size for Foodservice Radio rivals the radio markets in the largest metropolitan areas.

“The foodservice operator has to be an expert in a wide range of disciplines from culinary and management to finance and marketing, all in a challenging, fast-paced environment,” Ryals says. “Foodservice Radio is here to keep the operator up-to-date on current issues in a format they can fit into their busy schedule. The station will bring the industry original content on issues that matter today.”

In addition to the 24-hour streaming station, Foodservice Radio has a news website at, where listeners can access the station and get additional information about the stories they hear on-air. Along with podcast of the most popular features, the website also features “In The Weeds,” the weekly comic about the challenges of life in the foodservice industry.

Foodservice Radio can be accessed through the station website, through the dedicated Andriod app available at the Google Play store, and through station aggregators such as TuneIn, Reciva, and AudioRealm.

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