For more than three years, FoodBAM has been creating the path toward a 5-star journey for chefs and foodservice operators. Through its proprietary inventory, ordering and management solution, FoodBAM is bringing connectivity and intelligence to the restaurant space. With access to over 20,000+ restaurants, every few minutes FoodBAM is processing an order for a restaurant in the United States.

“The entire foodservice industry landscape is changing. We believe it’s time for restaurants to start thriving and stop tolerating. Our software is proven to pay for itself. We display health metrics immediately upon login. If the chef or operator doesn’t see savings – we simply don’t charge them. Period,” says Brandt Squires, VP and co-founder of FoodBAM.

Through its affiliation with Dining Alliance, the leading independent restaurant GPO platform in the country, FoodBAM has relationships with top tier foodservice distributors willing to engage with customers on a more transparent basis than their mega-distributor competitors. Through this approach, broadline distributors use FoodBAM as their transactional interface with operators. Nearly 350 Manufacturers have their products included in FoodBAM as a way to offer rebates to the operator. Some products can even ship out next day directly to the restaurant.

“In addition to lowering a restaurants food cost, chefs and operators tell my team that we save them roughly six hours per week. Connecting the kitchen to all devices requires us to build accounts alongside the chef and staff. It’s then setup to their preferences, resulting in complete confidence to ditch the old clipboards and inventory forms,” says Caitlin Gaffney, FoodBAM’s Manager of Customer Success.

FoodBAM has an analytics dashboard that can be considered a single source of truth for the chef or owner. They are able to manage multiple locations, discover purchasing patterns, pricing trends and learn of new products that will save them money.

“We found that restaurants have impaired performance visibility, and we developed FoodBAM to remove the blurriness. FoodBAM can save a restaurant 10-15 percent on their food costs – but a restaurant can still struggle without operational rigor. Taking inventory and recipe costing are complex initiatives that FoodBAM is simplifying in efforts to keep the kitchen profitable and staff efficient,” Squires says.

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