Food Genius, a leading foodservice data provider specializing in gathering, preparing, and serving granular foodservice menu data and analytics, has announced it will release Pricebite, a new curated national menu pricing data service.

Food Genius has created this new service for anyone in the restaurant industry to receive an instant download of menu pricing data across several popular national restaurant chains. Attaining this type of data used to require a lot of manpower and time, as companies would gather data in a painstaking process, either on foot or with a manual web search, restaurant by restaurant. With Pricebite, Food Genius uses proprietary data acquisition technologies that allows it to collect menu data at scale, delivering instant results to the customer.

Users will receive pricing info for core menu items from chains across the country, giving them the knowledge to update pricing, compare existing pricing, or create pricing for new items. The pricing data is not simply from mom and pop operations, but from popular chains like Panera, Five Guys, Sweetgreen, Jersey Mike’s, Chipotle, and Olive Garden. This pricing data gives users a confident look into pricing in the foodservice marketplace and, once downloaded, is owned in perpetuity and can be used to run further manipulations of the data, depending on your level of sophistication. Pricebite will be available for download at a price of $100.

Pricebite is just one example of how Food Genius can put data to work. As Food Genius has evolved, it has opened up extensive accessibility of data to the foodservice industry. It has continually achieved this goal in 2015 as it has rolled out other products that showcase this accessibility, including its data presentation maker app Automat and menu analytics dashboard Dash.

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