The Flying Biscuit Café, a restaurant known for serving up Southern style comfort food, announced the implementation of QLess, a mobile wait management solution, to eliminate lines.

Florida’s Flying Biscuit Café is settled in the busy college town of Gainesville, home to the University of Florida. Due to the popularity of the restaurant, customers experienced wait times.

Flying Biscuit turned to QLess, which allows guests to skip long waits by checking into a reservation list remotely from computers or mobile devices.

“Selecting QLess reduces the stress for both employees and customers,” says Ernest Milian, director of operations for the Flying Biscuit’s Gainesville location.  Everything is automated—customers simply go online to our website or call the system from a phone and select what time they want to be served and QLess takes it from there. Customers don’t have to experience long waits and our staff can focus more on serving our guests and providing an enjoyable dining experience.” 

QLess helps organizations of all sizes manage customer service by turning physical lines into virtual queues. QLess provides data that allows businesses to improve customer satisfaction and increase service ratings on popular consumer sites, such as Yelp.

In addition, QLess enables organizations to share real-time information with customers, including updates on their number in line and up-to-date predictions on wait time. This reduces pressure on staff, while giving customers the opportunity to wait wherever they please. QLess reduces wait times, cuts crowds, and optimizes yield, throughput, and time slot management.

“The average American spends two years of his or her life waiting in line, which is unacceptable by any measure,” says Dr. Alex Bäcker, founder and CEO of QLess. “Flying Biscuit customers are now among the millions of people that rely on QLess to capture valuable time whenever they would otherwise be waiting in a line. Since its QLess integration just a few weeks ago, Flying Biscuit has improved customer satisfaction.  The time freed up by QLess is a win-win for the restaurant and its customers.”

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