Flybuy by Radius Networks, a leader in innovative restaurant technology solutions, today unveiled Flybuy Connect, an AI-driven capacity management solution. Flybuy Connect integrates restaurant and customer insights to accurately predict promise times, effectively eliminating wait times and delivering better customer experiences that build brand loyalty.

American consumers spend an astonishing 37 billion hours annually waiting in queues. Not only is this a poor experience but it’s the leading cause for lost future business. With 80% of customers saying they contemplate alternatives after a single negative experience, one 10-minute delayed pickup order could result in a lost customer for a restaurant. 

Today, most capacity management solutions designed for restaurants focus on managing staff operations in the kitchen. However, Flybuy Connect takes a dual approach synchronizing customer expectations with the reality of the kitchen. Leveraging AI, it delivers remarkably accurate wait times and communicates real-time updates to facilitate the perfect handoff for drive-thru, pickup or delivery. 

“Current capacity management solutions for restaurants only focus on addressing staff operations and kitchen logistics,” says Alonso Vargas, SVP of Product at Flybuy. “Flybuy Connect reinvents this approach by bringing the customer into the process, delivering invaluable insights such as travel time to be aligned with kitchen realities. Leveraging billions of anonymized data points, our AI-driven solution offers more accurate promise times and mobile updates, empowering restaurants to optimize operations, provide superior customer experiences, and maintain a competitive edge in today’s increasingly competitive market.”

How Flybuy Connect Works

Flybuy Connect introduces a range of game-changing capabilities that enhance both customer experiences and staff’s operational efficiency:

Smart Order Readiness: Flybuy Connect communicates precise pickup times by leveraging machine learning to analyze food prep times, kitchen capacity, customer travel time, and staff availability. This dynamic adjustment ensures that customers receive reliable estimates, even during peak periods.

Order Status Updates: Flybuy Connect provides customers with complete transparency during the order preparation process to set expectations and reduce early or late arrivals. Real-time mobile notifications keep customers informed at every stage, connecting the customer’s expectations with the reality of kitchen busyness and exact order ready time.

Pinpoint Customer Location: This feature uses ETAi, which leverages proprietary machine learning to incorporate destination-specific and other contextual factors to achieve a much more precise ETA. Real-time insights on the customer’s location and travel time empower staff to facilitate perfectly timed food preparation and an optimal handoff experience. 

Auto-Order Integration: Flybuy Connect streamlines meal preparation by automatically initiating orders in the kitchen at the appropriate time based on when the customer approaches to ensure efficiency for the staff and ultimate food freshness. Streamlining workflows for staff also reduces stress and burnout and increases job satisfaction and retention.

Flybuy recently published a White Paper which goes into detail on the need for an AI-powered capacity management solution so businesses have the opportunity to orchestrate a symphony of customer satisfaction and operational prowess. 

Flybuy Connect is now available as part of the Flybuy platform, allowing restaurants to leverage AI-driven location technology to satisfy the growing demands of today’s customers. To learn more about Flybuy and the range of benefits it offers, visit or reach out to

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