Flor de Caña, the award-winning, Slow-Aged rum of Nicaragua, launched a striking new look. The elegant new design of the bottles and labels was created in response to the growing worldwide popularity of Flor de Caña’s premium and ultra-premium rums, rums that have been distilled and traditionally crafted from estate-grown sugar cane by the same family in Nicaragua since 1890. Long the most popular rum in Central America, Flor de Caña has seen a double-digit growth per year over the past decade and is now available in 40 countries. The brand is on track to sell more than 1 million cases in 2013.

“Flor de Caña’s sleek new look emphasizes the rum’s heritage, age and traditional craftsmanship,” says Paul Caffrey, Global Brand Development manager of Flor de Caña. “It showcases the brand as unique, modern and super premium – exactly what we need to appeal to our growing customer base around the world.”

Flor de Caña’s new labels emphasize the brand’s logo, age, and prestigious awards. The quality of the glass has been enhanced, the bottles etched with stalks of sugar cane. The brand’s origin is evoked by superimposing the logo over a volcano, a reminder that Flor de Caña is the rum of Nicaragua, “land of lakes and volcanoes.”

For Flor de Caña's four, five, and seven-year-old “mixable” premium rums in the Slow-Aged Collection, the new design maintained the familiar bottle shape, but increased the height and rounded the sides for a better hand feel. For Flor de Caña’s award-winning 12 and 18 year-old super-premium single-estate rums in the Centenario Collection, the smooth rectangular shape of the bottle was maintained while adding height, a more masculine look and heavier glass.

“The new look of Flor de Caña was designed to elevate the value of the brand and attract a wider global audience,” said Caffrey. “Once they taste the rum, new customers will appreciate what Flor de Caña fans have known for more than a century – that thanks to its traditionally crafted, Slow-Aged process, this family-owned Nicaraguan rum is among the finest in the world.”


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