This July, Flo Wine, Inc. is pleased to announce the debut of its third wine, a 2011 Moscato out of California.  FLO Wine is part of acclaimed jazz musician Marcus Johnson’s Flo Brands, LLC.   According to Robert Piziali, president and co-founder of Flo Wine, the new and refreshing Flo 2011 California Moscato is a cool, crisp wine with bright notes of apricot, honeysuckle, melon, and aromatic orange blossom.  It has a lively acidity and slight effervescence.  Flo Wine is produced and bottled in Napa Valley in California using grapes from throughout the state.

Flo wine is making a national presence through its partnership with Southern Wine & Spirits and it is rolling out from the company’s Mid-Atlantic home based through accounts such as: American Tap Room under the Thompson Hospitality umbrella, The Tasting Room Wine and Bar Chain, and Farm Fresh Grocery in Southeastern Virginia.

 “As to our decision to launch a Moscato, it was based on our experience within many markets across the country,” states Flo Wine founder and CEO, Marcus Johnson. “In the beginning, we made a conscious decision not to release a sweet wine. However as Robert and I toured the markets in cities like: Aiken, South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina, Brownsville, Illinois, Normal, Illinois, Sterling, Virginia, to Los Angeles we found out that we were missing out on at least 30 percent of our tastings because people did not want to taste anything dry.  We were able to convince some of them to try our off-dry offerings, but we heard the message loud and clear: give us something sweet! There are many arguments in wine circles about the credibility of the Moscato varietal. As a businessman who is missing out on 30 percent of an engaged market, it would be imprudent for us not to fulfill the needs of our consumers. One of the missions of Flo is to demystify wine for our consumers. The wine experience is personal. Therefore, we chose to support our consumer's wine, food, and music desires. After all, it's for the love of them.”

Flo Wine is capturing the taste buds of wine-lovers from California to South Carolina. Flo Wine produces two additional wines – FLO Red Californian Blend and a Flo California Chardonnay.


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