Offering a flexible schedule is an almost guaranteed way to keep your employees happy.

This is according to comments made in a survey by, which recently released a list of the top 25 companies that offer the best balance between work and personal life.

The company was propelled to create the list after a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive on its behalf showed that 43 percent of employees wish they had a better work-life balance.

“It’s about a really a healthy understanding of work demands and personal needs,” says Samantha Zupan, corporate communications manager with Glassdoor.“And for restaurants, it can be very high-stress at times and I think the things a company does in slow times or to keep morale high, offset those high stress times.”

Nestle Purina Petcare received the highest rating in Glassdoor’s survey (4.6 on a 5-point scale) from its employees over the past year in regard to work-life balance. Employees there named the flexible work schedules and management’s understanding of non-company related obligations as just two of the reasons.

Unfortunately no restaurants were included in Glassdoor’s top 25, but RMGT takes a look at what leads a restaurant employee to rate his or her company highly in terms of it being a good place to work.

  • "Management is very flexible with work hours, they understand that if you are a student then your education comes first and work is second."

– Applebee’s employee, Clemmons, North Carolina

  • "Good place to work, management is high energy and permissive when it comes to taking off of work. for the most part, compensation was pretty good as a server"

– Ruby Tuesday server, Henderson, North Carolina

  • "Fun working environment most of the time; 50% discount when eating by yourself, 20% when eating with a group."

– Red Robin hostess, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • "Flexible work hours, ability to pick-up other shifts, employee discount when working, semi-casual restaurant environment, ease of transferring between stores."

– California Pizza Kitchen employee

  • “Flexibility, can set your schedule for the most part, always busy and shifts to pickup. Tip percentage is average. You can easily relocate to other states and work for CheeseCake."

– Cheesecake Factory employee

  • "They work with your schedule, and allow you to trade/pick up shifts as needed. Great relationship between the hosts and the servers. Although there are strict guidelines that must be followed, this job really allows you to express your personality"

– P.F. Chang’s hostess, Princeton, New Jersey.

By Amanda Baltazar



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