When you’re running a small business, it can sometimes seem that just as you have all your technology needs covered something new crops up. From updated payment regulations to the iPhone losing its headphone jack, keeping up with the breakneck pace of innovation can be daunting. No one understands this better than First Data: every day, the company helps six million merchant clients navigate everything from EMV to accepting payments digitally.

That’s why they announced the availability of the new all-in-one Clover Go. Unlike other card readers that need a separate device to accept credit or debit card swipes, the reader is the only fully integrated card reader that accepts NFC, EMV, and mag stripe transactions all in one sleek device. Better yet, the reader is able to process EMV transactions in less than 3.5 seconds, making it twice as fast as the previous Clover Go solution.

So whether your customers want to tap their smartphone, dip a chip card or swipe a debit or credit card to check out, they can do it all with the all-in-one Clover Go. From Apple Pay to Android Pay, and Samsung Pay to whatever else comes down the road, it has you covered. Even better, the reader comes with Bluetooth functionality—meaning headphone jack or not, you can accept your customers’ payments safely and securely.

“The all-in-one Clover Go is great not only because it’s easy to use, but also because it provides our customers with a quick and convenient check out experience,” says Neng Nhayi Ly, owner of California-based Le Rendez-Vous French Bakery, who uses the all-in-one Clover Go both in-store and at local farmer’s markets. “When I’m out at a farmer’s market, I feel confident that I can securely accept my customers’ payments—even better, it fits in my pocket.”

The Clover Go app has also been updated to seamlessly integrate with their other Clover products, meaning a transaction can begin on any Clover device and finish on either the all-in-one Clover Go or the original Clover Go reader. For example, a restaurant receiving a delivery order by phone can start a transaction on their Clover Station and complete it at their customer’s doorstep with the reader, facilitating a simple, in-person transaction.

In addition to open order functionality, the updated Clover Go app version includes:

Support for the new contactless, chip and swipe reader

Support for the Clover terminal plan, meaning existing Clover merchants using the terminal plan can bundle in the all-in-one Clover Go without creating a new merchant ID or upgrading to the register plan

Ability to control inventory items displayed in-app with “show-in register”

Availability of in-app troubleshooting and device diagnostics

Access to web-based apps from the Clover App Market

As always, Clover Go has the ability to function as a standalone POS or with the full Clover product suite and provides live phone support from service reps

All-in-one Clover Go users also benefit from the same features inherent in the Clover Go solution announced at the beginning of this year. The multi-user functionality allows a restaurant operating in sports stadiums to have their employees accept payments in the stands, while the business owner tracks real-time sales from her counter. Clover Go also contains an “entitlement” feature that lets the business owner grant permissions to certain employees like managers. For example, a business owner may want only senior employees to have the ability to offer refunds.

Learn more about the Clover Go contactless reader at Clover.com.

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