Firebirds Wood Fired Grill has launched Flybuy Pickup to power its takeout and delivery business in each of its 55 locations in 20 states. Flybuy Pickup is a product within the Radius Networks Flybuy Platform that is leveraged by Fortune 500 businesses worldwide for in-store, curbside, and drive-thru pickup optimization.

Firebirds continues to have a booming off-premise business, with an abundance of takeout and delivery traffic in its lobby during peak hours. The restaurant chose Flybuy to create a curbside solution that improves guests’ off-premise experience and streamlines delivery operations.

“Firebirds is extending its warm and welcoming dine-in hospitality to the curb and leaning into new technology and innovations to improve our guests’ experience and our off-premise efficiency,” says Firebirds Wood Fired Grill COO Charles Blankenship.

Firebirds leverages the Flybuy Dashboard to see all incoming orders in one place, which is a game-changer. Previously, staff had to keep track of different tablets for delivery and takeout. Now, staff receive location updates and audio/visual alerts when the guest or delivery driver are nearing the restaurant and receive automatic prompts for the guest or delivery driver as soon as they arrive.

“We are thrilled to work with Firebirds as they launch their new off-premise platform,” adds Amanda Wilson, Senior Strategic Account Executive with Radius Networks. “Whether it be pickup or delivery, off-premise orders continue to be a large part of a restaurant’s business. Firebirds continues to innovate for both their dine-in and takeout guests, providing them with a smooth experience, no matter how they choose to dine. This is key for restaurants as they navigate today’s landscape and look toward the future.”

Off-premise order volume is a significant portion of Firebirds’ business. The Flybuy program has already proven to be successful, with high guest adoption, wait times as low as 30 seconds and increased repeat visits.

Firebirds strives every day to look at its activities with a fresh eye and adjust accordingly. The restaurant has prioritized its sustainability efforts to lessen the impact on the environment. With the addition of Flybuy technology, Firebirds is driving down carbon emissions from cars idling in the parking lot. In fact, since the launch of Flybuy, Firebirds has reduced its carbon emissions by 11,857g each month.

In addition, Flybuy has directly impacted Firebirds’ reductions in throwaways and food spoilage, as the food is no longer prepared in advance of a guest or delivery driver arriving for pickup, but at the exact moment needed to meet them at the curb upon arrival.

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