FiRE+iCE, an interactive, full-service restaurant concept, announced the launch of its nationwide franchise program, offering its exclusive business model to qualified owner-operators and multi-unit developers in select markets across the U.S. FiRE+iCE has partnered with Better Way Franchise Group to leverage the franchise opportunity aimed at qualified investors and motivated professionals who want to create a one-of-a-kind restaurant experience in their own communities.

“FiRE+iCE is a truly remarkable dining experience. People can go anywhere to get a meal, but FiRE+iCE offers so much more than just the food,” says Ryan Combe, managing partner at Better Way Franchise Group, partner of FiRE+iCE. “And, the uniqueness of the business model allows owners to see fantastic revenue with great margins. FiRE+iCE is a golden opportunity for any experienced restaurant investor.”

Founded in 1997 in Boston, FiRE+iCE is reinventing flexible, healthy eating by empowering diners to “be the chef” with its extensive self-serving stations. Through an interactive grill, Fire + iCE allows diners to “be as bold as they dare,” while also providing a dining experience memorable for all guests. For qualified franchisees, FiRE+iCE provides a unique opportunity for multi-unit restaurant investors to enter a business with top line revenues exceeding $3.1 million and gross margins of 40-percent, lower employee and operational costs, and a real estate footprint larger than most food-based franchises, with capacity to seat 200-plus patrons.

With limited competition and a significant brand presence in three major metropolitan areas, as well as nationwide, FiRE+iCE provides high visibility and consumer recognition for franchisees to leverage and build on.

Qualified franchise owners will gain access to FiRE+iCE’s vast market knowledge, time-tested business model and unique brand identity, in addition to comprehensive operational training, business development and marketing support.

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