Fiorucci Foods, Inc., the #1 selling brand of traditional Italian specialty meats in Italy and a leading brand in the United States, became part of the Campofrio Food Group (CFG) last year. To reflect the change in ownership, the company’s corporate name will officially change from Fiorucci Foods, Inc. to Campofrio Food Group America effective immediately. Fiorucci products will continue to be sold under the Fiorucci brand name; and the firm’s headquarters will remain in South Chesterfield (formerly Colonial Heights), Virginia.

Founded in 1850, Fiorucci is one of the leading players in the Italian processed meats industry. The firm started operations in the U.S. in 1986, and today has the widest distribution of any Italian specialty meats brand in the U.S.

“We are proud of the solid foundation established by Fiorucci and we look forward to continued success with the introduction of Campofrio Food Group America and the enhancements underway,” says Dirk Jacxsens, president of the market challengers division, Campofrio Food Group. “We have a strong team in place to build upon Fiorucci’s achievements.”

“Our American customers will enjoy all of the benefits that Campofrio Food Group brings – from the wide range of genuine European products, to new innovations designed to provide the convenience and quality that modern consumers expect,” says Claudio Colmignoli, president and CEO of Campofrio Food Group America.

The Campofrio Food Group SA, headquartered in Madrid, Spain, is the largest maker of processed meats in Europe. Comprised of seven interdependent companies, the firm’s focus is on market-leading, processed meat companies with an emphasis on heritage and quality. Its mission in the United States is to utilize and invest in the existing production facilities and distribution platform developed by Fiorucci Foods to introduce its European specialties to the American market. The first of these efforts is the introduction of Spain’s #1 brand of traditional cured meats, Campofrio.

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