FINNEGANS Brewing Company and Badger Hill Brewing Company announced a unique new partnership designed to bring FINNEGANS’ unique brand of philanthropy and Badger Hill’s commitment to innovative and quality brewing to even more people who drink like they care and care about what they drink.

The new partnership, identified as an Alternating Proprietorship Agreement, will permit FINNEGANS and Badger Hill to share facilities and equipment, ensuring more people will be fed through FINNEGANS unique business model that convert profits into support for neighborhood food shelves through the purchase of locally-farmed produce.

FINNEGANS and Badger Hill will brew out of two locations, Badger Hill’s 16,000 sq. ft. Shakopee brewery and the new 11,000 sq. ft. FINNEGANS House brewery in Minneapolis’ East Town district. The FINNEGANS House development is scheduled to open Winter of 2018.

“We are so pleased to be creating this innovative partnership with Badger Hill Brewing,” says FINNEGANS CEO Jacquie Berglund. “Broc, Britt, Michael and the entire team share our commitment to social innovation and their visionary approach to the industry will only benefit both companies.”

The Alternating Proprietorship allows the two brewery locations to produce one company’s beer one day and simply change over to the other company’s product the next. This allows smaller brewers to share equipment, ingredients and eliminate other redundancies, leading to leaner organizations and operations on both sides.

“FINNEGANS and Badger Hill are taking the Alternating Proprietorship agreement to a whole new level,” says Broc Krekelberg, Badger Hill Brewing President.  “The partnership will allow significantly greater investment into quality control and manufacturing agility than either brewery could do on its own, providing capabilities that breweries of our size could only dream of not too long ago.”

Each company will brew larger runs, requiring more ingredients and equipment, at the Shakopee location, while smaller batches of specialty and seasonal brews will be produced in the East Town brewery, part of the FINNEGANS House complex located alongside the new Kraus Anderson headquarters on the 800 block of Fifth Ave. S.

The FINNEGANS House structure will include a production brewery, taproom, and social entrepreneurship pollinator all under one roof.   These diverse elements will form a first-of-its-kind national social innovation model while also providing support, economic growth and jobs to the local neighborhood.

FINNEGANS has partnered with Summit Brewery to produce its original FINNEGANS Irish Amber recipe since 2003, later adding additional brews such as Blonde Ale, Freckled Rooster Biere Blanc Ale, Hoppy Shepherd IPA and Dead Irish Poet Extra Stout

FINNEGANS will begin its own brewing operations sometime in the fall transitioning from its partnership with Summit.

“Summit Brewing has been an incredible partner and FINNEGANS would not be here without their support and expertise,” Berglund says. “Mark, Damien and their team deserve a great deal of credit for the many people FINNEGANS has been able to feed over the years.”

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