Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar will host its next exceptional taste and learn on Friday, April 26 at 5 p.m. This popular monthly gathering offers award-winning, high-quality Italian wines and authentic wine education, along with expertly paired, delicious Italian accompaniments prepared by Executive Chef Francesco DiCaudo.

A wine merchant with incomparable connections to the best wineries, Neal Rosenthal will be Ferraro’s partner and presenter for the evening’s event. Rosenthal represents only the finest producers in Europe. He launched his company with two growers from the Piedmont, considered by many one of the best wine regions in the world due to the prestigious wines that are produced from its indigenous grapes.

The evening will begin with a sparkling white wine from Bisson, a winery located in Liguria on Italy’s northwestern coast. Following that wine will be three outstanding producers from the Piedmont, including San Fereolo, Rovellotti and De Forville. As always, Ferraro’s award-winning chef will prepare brilliant dishes to accompany each wine. The full menu follows:

Bisson “Bianco delle Venezie” Frizzante 2017

Ricotta with acacia honey, sheep’s milk ricotta and green apple

San Fereolo Dolcetto di Dogliani, 2010

Vitello Tonnato with roasted veal top round and a creamy tuna sauce

Rovellotti Ghemme Riserva Costa del Salmino, 2012

Bottoni al Gorgonzola with orange gorgonzola cheese ravioli with beets and spinach

De Forville Barbaresco, 2015

Agnello – a lamb’s loin with eggplant and bell pepper

Founded in 1985, Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar is Las Vegas’ longest running, family-owned and operated restaurant offering authentic, five-star Italian cuisine in a fine-dining atmosphere.

Industry News, Sapore