1. Chain news: On the Border introduces brunch, Buffalo Wild Wings to debut online ordering, and Outback tests out a new store design.
  2. FinanceIn 2013, the fine-dining segment accounted for 14 percent of foodservice dollars spent—not bad for a segment that raked in only 610,000 restaurant visits in 2013. Driving the increased interest in fine-dining is a consumer emphasis on experience dining, or the idea that eating out should be an experience that goes beyond a simple meal. 
  3. Menus: Restaurant operators are shying away from organic on menus, but they're increasing the use of gluten-free, signature, freshly picked, homemade, locally sourced, made from scratch, original recipe, farmstead, and farm style. The change comes as consumers feel that organic is a vague description of food and seek more meaningful information from their menus.
  4. Technology: Taste Savant is now available for iOS devices. The app for discriminating diners goes beyond Yelp, offering only the best restaurants in an area instead of pinpointing every one, and even has recommendations from influential chefs, such as David Chang of Momofuku. Meanwhile, OpenTable wields its influence over the industry.
  5. Alcohol: Mead is on the rise. The honey-infused alcoholic beverage is enjoying a comeback, thanks to meaderies and a craft take on the old-school spirit.
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