Famous Dave’s is bringing its counter and line-serve “Quick ‘Que” prototypes to Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.

The Las Vegas location—a line-serve model—will open at 4480 Paradise Road, just a few blocks from the Las Vegas Strip, in early June.

The Salt Lake City restaurant—a counter-serve model with a drive-thru—will open at 2435 South State Street in June.

Both restaurant models boast small footprints with the goal of a quicker experience for guests and a more cost-effective business for operators.

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“The Quick ‘Que model is a huge leap forward for us,” says Jeff Crivello, BBQ Holding’s CEO. “A year after the arrival of COVID, we’re proud to continue finding new ways to evolve and better serve both our customers and our franchisees. The Quick ‘Que model is a prime example of that effort. Not only will this model provide a more convenient experience for customers without compromising the quality of the food, but its build-out should also prove to be more affordable and profitable for franchisees. We expect to open 5 new Famous Dave’s Quick ‘Que locations in 2021.”

The new Las Vegas Famous Dave’s will be opened and operated by franchise partner Alejandro Orozco, who operates 10 Famous Dave’s, and the Salt Lake City location will be opened and operated by franchise partners Elaina Morris Herber and Paul Herber, who operate seven other Famous Dave’s locations.

“Both franchise groups are well equipped to be successful and bring these new restaurants to life,” Crivello says. “We are thrilled to have these partners introducing Quick ‘Que to Famous Dave’s fans in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas.”

Olympic BBQ’s co-owner and CEO, Elaina Morris Herber, shares Crivello’s excitement. “Salt Lake City is such a vibrant community, and there is a huge demand for high-quality barbeque. The Quick ‘Que model is going to allow us to reach more customers while providing them with a faster, safer and more comfortable experience,” Herber says. “We’re proud to be partnered with a brand that is always looking for opportunities to innovate, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce this new model to our fans.”

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