Fagor America Inc., creator of time-saving pressure cookers and efficient induction cooktops, is excited to announce the update of its Dual-Zone Wine Cooler, a sleek and modern design that allows for complete versatility in wine storing. 

The 24-inch, stainless steel wine cooler has been enhanced to accommodate more bottles of wine and run more efficiently and effectively. Fagor's Dual-Zone Wine Cooler adds to its 24-inch total kitchen collection and is set to roll out to the market in early June.

The Dual-Zone Wine Cooler has a unique electronic touchscreen control that allows you to adjust the unit's temperature and other operations with ease. It's also built with five glide-out Beachwood racks; a bottle capacity of 46, up from 44, which is exceptional for its size; soft interior LED lighting in each zone; and an elegant blue LED display showing the real-time temperature of each zone. There is also a compressor cooling system with low energy consumption and low noise.

With a temperature range of 41°F – 68°F (5°C – 20°C) for each zone, the Fagor Wine Cooler consistently and evenly cools a variety of wines and champagnes to their perfect temperature. It can also display the internal temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. The Dynamic Climate mode of the unit distributes the relative humidity and the temperature evenly throughout the interior so you can store all your wine under the same conditions. 

In addition, a Vibration Neutralization System offers triple layer protection against harmful exterior vibrations. The stainless-steel units can be used as a freestanding unit or a built-in installation and the 24-inch inch is perfect for any kitchen, den, or entertaining area.

Fagor embraces the concept that beautifully designed, cutting edge products can accommodate special needs and changing needs of individuals over the span of their lifetimes. For that reason, in addition to its stunning design and easy-to-use control panel, the Fagor wine cooler is also ADA compliant. The 24-inch wine cooler has been designed to fit under ADA compliant counters, allowing individuals with limited mobility to have access to their preferred wines comfortably.

"We are proud of the success of the Dual-Zone Wine Cooler." says Sara De La Hera, vice president of marketing and sales. "We wanted to improve it any way we could, with capacity, technology and efficiency."

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