ezCater today announced the launch of Relish Flex, a new Relish feature that gives hybrid workplaces optimal flexibility in feeding on-site employees. Relish ffers employees a daily selection of individual meals from popular restaurants, delivered straight to any office nationwide.

Companies everywhere are trying to figure out what a hybrid post-COVID work environment looks like and how to best motivate employees to come into the office for collaborative, productive work. Food plays a powerful role. 66% of companies in a recent Russell Research survey currently offer their employees free or discounted meals. And, over the past six months, there has been a 200% increase in ezCater orders for daily employee meals.

Conventional cafeterias and food courts are struggling to efficiently adapt to fluctuating headcounts that come with hybrid workplace models. Relish Flex is a solution that speaks to the moment. It easily scales up or down to accomodate any number of employees, and companies can create meal plans that fit hybrid schedules and evolving budgets. Companies can set and adjust meal subsidies by day, by week, or by employee. Some companies report higher office attendance on days Relish is offered, and Relish Flex allows companies to take advantage of this behavior.

“Our team is growing rapidly, and we have established many practices and policies that mitigate risk and put employee safety first during the pandemic,” said Paula Cloghessy, Chief People Officer at Translate Bio, a biotech firm headquartered in Lexington, MA. “With Relish, our employees love that they can choose what they eat, and we love that we can adjust the subsidy centrally. Plus, we can still order catering for larger events and meetings on the ezCater marketplace.”

“Food brings people together like nothing else can,” said Stefania Mallett, Co-founder & CEO of ezCater. “Post-COVID, workplaces must intentionally rebuild their social fabric. Relish Flex helps employers do that, with zero wasted expense. It is the perfect way to provide employees breakfast, lunch, or dinner, no matter how many people come into the workplace on any given day. We’ve had companies tell us their attendance doubles on days they provide meals.”

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