Now in its seventh year, the annual DOLE Flavor Pairings is a prediction of exciting flavor combinations currently reflected in popular menu trends. For 2017, the Dole Foodservice team identified the ubiquity of bowls on foodservice menus, and devoted its culinary creativity to bringing operators the best and brightest contemporary ingredient and flavor combinations served in a bowl.

To create recipes across the vast scope of possibilities, the Dole Kitchen identified six menu parts, and assigned each with three fruit-flavor combinations. The result: the 2017 DOLE Flavor Pairings will bowl over operators with a buffet of fruit-forward ideas served in America’s favorite container.

Breakfast: Mango and Chia, Peach and Potato, Pineapple and Pork

Lunch: Mango and Fish, Cherry and Farro, Blueberry and White Beans

Dinner: Mango and Rice, Apple and Noodles, Peach and Minced Meat

Shareables: Mango and Avocado, Peach and Chickpeas, Apple and Yogurt

Salads: Strawberry and Parsley, Mandarins and Spinach, Blueberry and Grains

Desserts: Cherry and Eggs, Berry and Dairy, Mango and Citrus

Read more about the 2017 DOLE Flavor Pairings and the ingredients that inspired this year’s featured recipes at and follow the links to your favorite dishes. To contact a Dole representative about DOLE Foodservice Products, call 800-723-9868.

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