Summer is a great time to get outside and fire up the grill. It’s always easy to go with the classic standbys of hamburgers, hotdogs and steak but if you like seafood, grilling can be your best option for flavor and ease. Here are some tips from Mitchell’s Fish Market Restaurant and Bar, in Edgewater, New Jersey.

Have all the correct tools and equipment on hand:

  • Long Tongs and Spatula—Having length allows you to reach all the way across the grill without placing your hand directly over the hottest portions of the grill
  • Charcoal chimney—Start with good charcoal and start it with a chimney so you only have the flavor of the charcoal and no propane
  • Meat Thermometer—Inexpensive and a necessity
  • Grill brush and oil—Start with a clean and prepared grill
  • Metal or water soaked bamboo skewers
  • Skewers work great on items like scallops shrimp and lobster
  • They help with flipping or turning
  • Can use them to help hold the shape of seafood


Use compound butters (a mixture of softened butter and chosen ingredients like fresh herbs and grilled fruit) to enhance your seafood. Always baste your fish and seafood off of the direct heat to avoid any flare ups causing dark smoke, this will instantly ruin your food.

Don’t overcook you seafood. Seafood goes from just done to dry in about five seconds so be ready to use your thermometer.

Start with a good hot bed of charcoal the coals should be grey and glowing.

Once your grill grates are hot, brush any old debris off of the grill and oil (cooking oil) it with a pair of long tongs and folded paper towels.

Always source the best possible seafood from a reputable vendor and try to get “wild and fresh” if available.

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