Santa Clara’s newest all-American restaurant Eureka! launches a curated Whiskey Club membership program created for craft spirit lovers. Each month, Eureka!’s expert beverage team selects a featured small-batch, artisanal whiskey to share exclusively with club members. The monthly whiskey selection reflects Eureka!’s commitment to sourcing all-American, premium spirits and encourages guests to widen their spirit library and tasting acumen from home.

Eureka!’s Whiskey Club features rare and unique whiskey selections. Members of the Whiskey Club will deepen their love for whiskey through a monthly discovery box featuring one of the country’s top small-batch whiskies. The whiskey will be paired with complementary bar ingredients, bar accessories, tasting notes, and cocktail recipes created specifically for the Whiskey Club. In addition, Eureka! hosts a monthly virtual tasting for all of its members with the featured distillery to share knowledge and insights about that month’s whiskey and gain access to giveaways.

In celebration of the launch, 100% of the proceeds from the Whiskey Club will benefit The Conscious Kid, a non-profit organization providing research and resources on parenting and education. This organization is dedicated to reducing racial and socioeconomic bias and promoting positive identity development in youth.

The Whiskey Club will highlight some of the best American distilleries including Barton 1792 Distillery, Barrel Craft Spirits, Wild Turkey and many others. Each month Eureka!’s beverage team will curate a distinctive discovery box, sharing the brand’s dedication to exploration of American-made, artisanal products.


Step 1: Subscribe to Eureka! Santa Clara’s Whiskey Club starting on Thursday, September 2 at 1pm

Step 2: Select Eureka! Santa Clara under the Catalog section

Step 3: Pick-up the third Thursday of every month

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