The Midnight Scoop is an ergo ice cream scooper that stops kids from screaming for their ice cream.

It was invented by a dad and aerospace engineer who was determined to modernize the old fashioned ice cream scoop that hurts the wrist. The Midnight Scoop’s curved design speeds up the serving process and makes it easy to serve ice cream the way it is meant to be served.

Current ice cream scoops are designed in a way that forces the use of weak wrist joints to scoop ice cream. Scooping ice cream with standard scoops is a prying motion and puts tremendous amounts of stress on weak wrist joints.

The brain tries to prevent wrist injuries by not letting the body pry very hard, making scooping ice cream very difficult.

The magic of the Midnight Scoop is the curved handle. It makes it much easier to scoop hard ice cream.

By holding the curved end with the palm of the hand and pushing into the ice cream, larger muscles like the arms and chest are used, and the wrists are protected.

The Midnight Scoop is made to last forever with the same solid metal that aerospace parts are made of and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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