Experienced chefs know when it comes to chopping, slicing, paring, and dicing, it’s all in the wrist.

Unfortunately, over time, this can take quite a toll as many professional and home chefs develop carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. Scott Staib, founder of Ergo Chef, experienced this first hand.
Enlisting the help of his engineer brother Mike, they worked tirelessly with designers, engineers, culinary professors, and countless chefs to create a line of professional grade knives that would be a true extension of a chef’s hand. 

Ergo Chef Crimson Knives are crafted out of German-made high-carbon steel with the world’s strongest handle material G10 (fiberglass resin), impervious to moisture and able to take a beating in the kitchen. The company has engineered an ergonomic handle size, weight, and balance for a truly superior line of knives that has proven to actually reverse the signs and stressors that cause carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.

Chef Michael Symon was searching for an exceptional culinary company to make his custom knives a reality. His relentless pursuit for the best led him to Ergo Chef.

After avid testing of their product, he found that Ergo Chef offered unmatched quality and craftsmanship and chose to work with their team to design and manufacture his new line of ergonomic knives.  
“Ergo Chef was able to take my vision for high-quality, durable knives and make it a reality,” says Chef Symon. “We worked together to develop a design that looks great and has a super balanced, comfortable feel in the hand, which is really important for those who love to cook the way I do.”
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