Entente Chef/Partner Brian Fisher and Fujimura Hospitality’s Ty Fujimura welcomed Pastry Chef Jared Bacheller to their Michelin-starred crew. A rising star whose imaginative desserts reflect a new generation of pastry talent to watch, Bacheller joined the team in August 2019 after working in some of the nations’ most esteemed kitchens.

At Entente, Bacheller works collaboratively with Chef Fisher and the restaurant’s beverage team to envision desserts that champion the bold flavor profiles for which the restaurant is celebrated. In addition to desserts available on the a la carte and chef’s tasting menus, he has also curated a three- or five-course dessert tasting for those seeking a more indulgent pastry adventure.

“The opportunity to work with this team is extremely motivating,” says Bacheller. “The  constant innovation coming out of the kitchen – fueled by Brian’s passion and unique approach to ingredients and boundary-pushing techniques – provides a wide open canvas when it comes to pastry.”

Bacheller brings nearly 15 years of experience in the fine dining space and previously worked at Michelin-starred restaurants including Acadia and Sixteen. Lauded for his technique, pristine presentation and thoughtful integration of myriad ingredients, Bacheller was included in Zagat’s 30 under 30 list in 2013. He was also named to Food & Wine magazine’s coveted list of Best New Pastry Chefs in 2014. Bacheller’s experience lends to inventive desserts that seamlessly complement the restaurant’s ever-changing imaginative menu.

Along with his a la carte desserts, Bacheller’s new dessert tasting is available nightly. This three- or five-course offering is designed for those seeking a singular experience that guides guests on a colorful pastry journey unlike any other in the country. Featuring a range of flavors and plating styles that harmonize with Chef Fisher’s contemporary cuisine, offerings include genre-bending, savory-sweet delicacies such as:

  • Peaches and Corn – A grilled peach sorbet served with grilled corn bread, corn cream and ash
  • Black Olive Forest – Cherry and olive jam with devils food cake and cherry-vinegar sorbet
  • Blueberry Jelly Roll – Inside out blueberry jelly roll with candied pine nuts and blueberry kombucha sorbet
  • Raspberry Souffle – Raspberry souffle served with goat frozen yogurt and smashed raspberries
  • Mignardise

The dessert tasting is available in a three-course and five-course option.

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