Powerhouse Dynamics, creator of the award-winning eMonitorTM energy, water, and asset management system, has announced a critical new food safety feature. It has been designed to support chain restaurants' need to monitor refrigeration and food preparation equipment temperatures across all locations. Now available to eMonitor users, the "Food Safety Scorecard" proactively identifies equipment in danger of non-compliance, so corrective action can quickly be taken.

"Our customers – especially those managing large portfolios of restaurants – need to ensure that they are delivering a high-quality product in a safe environment,” says Jason Roeder, director of energy products and services for Powerhouse Dynamics. “Compliant refrigeration temperatures are a critical element in this process. Restaurant operations managers are typically stretched with many responsibilities. It's empowering to them to have ready access to information, on an exception basis, that identifies equipment requiring immediate attention."

Temperature sensors installed in relevant equipment enable the Food Safety Scorecard. The temperature data is combined with other data and uploaded every 60 seconds to the eMonitor servers where it is tracked and analyzed. By integrating temperature and power consumption data, the system enables facility managers to readily and remotely diagnose equipment performance issues before they become equipment emergencies. Managers are also alerted, in real time, to issues with individual pieces of equipment that could compromise food safety.

"With this new eMonitor feature, our customers can easily track the performance of refrigeration and food preparation assets across their full portfolios of restaurants, helping to ensure a consistently high-quality and safe product,” says Marc Lash, senior vice president of energy and business development for FrontStreet, one of the nation’s largest facility management firms serving the restaurant industry, and an eMonitor Authorized Channel Partner.  “Our team – as well as theirs – can now be much more efficient in diagnosing equipment issues, reducing liability, improving customer experience, and enabling them to use their limited time in a more effective way.  The eMonitor Food Safety Scorecard is a great tool that assists us in helping our customers achieve world-class, efficient operations."

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