Emmi Roth USA received awards for its GranQueso Double Aged and Roth’s Private Reserve cheeses at this year’s Global Cheese Awards, held September 12, at the Frome Agricultural & Cheese Show in Frome, England. Since January, the company has been recognized with 22 award wins in both international and domestic competitions. 

Roth GranQueso Double Aged cheese secured a silver award in the Overseas Cheeses category, which consisted of cheeses from non-European countries. Aged for more than two years, this Roth original cheese has a crumbly texture and features a dense flavor with sweet undertones. This award is the sixth win for GranQueso this year, making it Emmi Roth’s most awarded cheese in 2013.

Roth’s Private Reserve, a traditional Alpine-style cheese crafted from the freshest local Wisconsin milk, took home a bronze medal in the Continental Hard Cheese category. Crafted in traditional copper vats and cured by Roth cellar masters, Roth’s Private Reserve reflects the distinct terroir of America’s Dairyland in southern Wisconsin.

“We are honored to receive international recognition for our products,” says Steve Millard, president and CEO of Emmi Roth USA. “Emmi Roth cheesemakers and cellar masters are a dedicated team who continue to craft and cure exceptional cheeses. Awards like these showcase their hard work and commitment to excellence.”

Since 2011, the Global Cheese Awards have brought together cheesemakers from across the world to compete for various titles of distinction. This year, 1,050 entries competed in more than 67 different entry categories.

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