Emmi Roth, in partnership with Emmi Group, has acquired Athenos, which includes the No. 1 feta in the U.S. The acquisition from the Lactalis Group expands Emmi Roth’s business and product offerings, strengthening the company’s long-standing dedication to the specialty cheese industry. Athenos complements the extensive range of Emmi Roth’s high-quality locally produced and imported specialty cheeses in the U.S.

“This is an exciting day for Emmi Roth,” says Tim Omer, president and managing director at Emmi Roth. “We’re continuing to focus on the specialty cheese industry that we really care about. We take pride in providing the best specialty cheeses to our customers and consumers, and adding Athenos to our family will strengthen our product range and allow us to offer another great line of products.”

As the leading feta in the U.S., Athenos generated net sales of almost $90 million in 2020. Feta cheese has benefited from recent changes in consumer consumption habits and volume sales in the feta category are up 22 percent versus last year, according to IRI data. Athenos will benefit from Emmi Roth’s strong retail and foodservice connections, as well as their marketing expertise to reach new consumers through digital marketing and social media, an area that the Athenos business has a great opportunity for even further growth.

“With the addition of this business, we are investing in our company’s long-term future, our business, people, and resources,” says Omer.

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