Kung Fu Plaza, which is the oldest and most authentic Thai restaurant in Las Vegas, is adding a selection of wines from Elvis Presley Wine Cellars. The winery is located in the San Joaquin valley of California.

Last year, Kung Fu Plaza added wines from the William Hill Estate Winery in support of local music programs and the VH1 Save The Music Foundation. The fundraising effort concluded at the end of last April.

"We are slowly growing our wine lists that have a natural link to Las Vegas, making wine tasting more fun for visiting Thai people, and carefully selected wines that we already know will taste good with the food," says Alan Wong, general manager of Kung Fu Plaza.

"The Elvis wines fit well on both counts. They have a Vegas-connected brand and also bolder flavors that match very well with Thai and Chinese cuisine."

Adding a selection of Elvis Presley-branded wines is part of Wong's effort to find the best wine matches for Thai cuisine after being inspired by the increasing interest in European wines by the Chinese. In addition to encouraging an interest in wine, China is home to several vineyards that produce Chardonnay and Riesling wines in the Sichuan region.

"The wines we serve are mostly from Southern California, but I've been researching wineries from all over the world," Wong says.

"Naturally, people generally avoid tannic wines with hot and spicy foods, but not all Thai foods are spicy. Red wines can work with heavier dishes. One of our favorites from the Elvis Presley Wine Cellars is the Blue Hawaii, which is a sweeter tropical Riesling. However, a Chardonnay can play well with some dishes."

The selection from Elvis Presley includes: Jailhouse Rock (a richly flavored Merlot), The King Of Rock & Roll (a flashy Cabernet Sauvignon), Blue Suede (a vibrant Chardonnay), and Blue Hawaii (a tropical Riesling). The Riesling, Wong says, works especially well with spicier foods.

  • Jailhouse Rock – A richly flavored Merlot with an aroma of black cherries and jam, flavors of vanilla and sweet oak, and plush tannins.
  • The King Of Rock & Roll – A flashy Cabernet Sauvignon with an aroma of black cherry, plums, and peppercorn, with bold tannins and a generous finish.
  • Blue Suede – A vibrant Chardonnay with tropical fruit aromas, flavors of pear and melon, and a juicy full finish.
  • Blue Hawaii – A tropical Riesling with hints of honeysuckle and spice, flavors of crisp apple and pear, and a juicy full finish.


While this is not the first time Elvis Presley wines have been offered on the market, the wine crafters say that this is the first edition line.

Occasionally, the winery creates seasonal wines. For example, it offered an Elvis Christmas Pinot Noir last Thanksgiving. The wine cellar also produced 2007 Old Vine Zinfandel.

To review a complete menu, visit http://www.kungfuplaza.com. Kung Fu Plaza delivers within a five-mile radius and is located at 3505 S. Valley View Blvd., which is just west of the Fashion Show Mall on the Las Vegas Strip. For reservations, call 702-247-4120.

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