This week Ellickson USA launched their new website,, to coincide with their new offerings.

Josh Goodman (CEO/COO) says, “We revamped and re-launched the site to highlight our new products as well as our existing line up. Our technology allows customers to consume draft beer in ways that were never possible, until now. The new product additions will open up opportunities for bar & restaurant owners to find the technology of ours that best suits their specific needs.”

The Draft Tables, which customers usually describe as Table Taps, are made in Waterford, Ireland by the parent company Ellickson International.

The Mobile Draft Tables are an all-in-one beer tapping system and circular table top that allows 4-10 customers per table to pour their own beers at their table.

The Draft Table is available in a 2 or 4-tap fixed installation where beers lines are run from the cooler to the table or a 2-tap mobile unit where the kegs are stored inside the base of the table.

Both models feature table taps that are centrally mounted and rotate 320 degrees. They were engineered this way so customers can access the beer they want from any seat around the table.

Ellickson USA has now expanded to offer tables that have their patented i-button technology. This allows a customer to sign up at their local bar for an i-button (a hardware fob that they can attach to their keychain that stores their customer information not unlike your club card for your grocery store).

Each beer tap has a receptor that accepts these magnetic fobs so customers can open the tap and pour a taste or glass of their desired beer. Customers have a two beer limit to allow for responsible drinking.

Indeed Ellickson USA has migrated that i-button technology off the tables to entire walls of taps they are calling Beer Walls.

“We’ve seen a growing trend in the beer business toward consumers wanting to taste more and more styles and flavors of beers”, says Delcan Duggan, Ellickson USA's CEO/CMO.

”It’s what spurred us to develop our Beer Wall. We wanted to allow the customer to pour their own beer in a legal manner with restrictions built-in but also in a way that allows the bar owner to make a profit off of what that customer wants. We had seen most bars giving away free samples to customers before they chose the beer they wanted. That gets expensive and in an industry where margins are decreasing, giving away beer samples does not help the bottom line. With either the i-button tables or beer wall, both retailer and consumer win ”

With the launch of the website and additional product offerings, Ellickson is positioned to triple their customer base in 2012. It seems that even in a technological era, beer is still king and Ellickson just might be onto something.

Keep an eye out for Ellicksons next great product, the BevDok. It is the Worlds First FDA approved automated cleaning system for those dirty and unsanitary Soda Guns.

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