Eemax continues to lead the evolution of hot water and is now forging new frontiers with the launch of ProSeries XTP. Using breakthrough Adaptive Stability Technology comprised of AST-Flex Power and AST-Dynamic Power, the ProSeries XTP models provide eXact Thermal Performance in demanding conditions. ProSeries XTP is the ideal hot water solution for a variety of commercial and industrial applications that require water temperatures up to 180°F.

“At Eemax, we are consistently innovating and developing leading-edge tankless electric water heating technologies for our customers, their clients’ vital water heating needs, and how we can make these technologically advanced solutions easy to install, efficient, laser-precise, and energy-saving,” says Jens Bolleyer, Eemax VP and General Manager. “Our Adaptive Stability Technology is truly a breakthrough, utilizing AST-Dynamic Power components to adjust to dynamic flow situations and using AST-Flex Power to adjust power applied to individual elements in a staggered manner, temporarily misbalancing the power factor between elements, enabling faster time to temperature while minimizing over or undershoot. The result is a level of precision so vitally needed in commercial and industrial applications.” 

The product family features Eemax Adaptive Stability Technology (AST) to assess the heater conditions and shift the unit operation to ensure a consistent and reliable output. This is accomplished with AST-Flex Power and AST-Dynamic Power AST-Smart Calibration. Flex Power technology adjusts the power applied to individual elements in a staggered manner; this temporarily shifts the power factor between elements. Dynamic Power technology adapts to variable flow situations by adjusting the power factor applied to all elements equally. AST-Flex Power and AST-Dynamic Power allows for a faster time-to-temperature and minimizes overshoot and undershoot. ProSeries XTP delivers unparalleled thermal performance and precision.

For simplified installation, ProSeries XTP units only require a single input water line, either hot or cold. The units are compact in size, allowing for a more flexible install without occupying valuable floor space. The fittings are common plumbing connections and all units come with a custom mounting bracket. Self-diagnostics with intelligent controls actively protect the heater in the installed environment. SafeStart technology engages upon start-up to help avoid dry-fire occurrence. Self-modulating technology saves energy and eliminates standby heat loss by activating the heater only on demand. The digital LED display provides an easily navigated user interface and communicates detailed system status, and operation feedback. Other premium performance features include robust copper heating elements and a stainless-steel heating chamber for corrosion resistance, efficiency, and durability.

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