edo, the leader in personalized card-linked offers, today announced the availability of Geocommerce Offers, a first-of-its-kind card-linked offers capability that uses purchase location data to deliver highly-targeted, real-time offers tailored to consumer shopping activity and location.

By connecting mobile communication and location-based offers with multi-channel retail and restaurants, Geocommerce establishes a new standard for in-store mobile advertising that shifts success metrics for the marketer from check-in to check-out.

How it Works

edo has partnerships with financial institutions and card issuers, and more than 200 local and national merchants who run offers through the edo network.

When a cardholder from one of the company’s financial partners makes a purchase, the edo targeting system instantly searches existing Geocommerce Offers from its merchant network and subsequently presents the right offer to the right person based on where they are standing and what they just purchased.

Based on the user’s communication preferences, he or she will then receive an email, text message or mobile update notification for the tailored offer, which can easily be redeemed using the card already in his or her wallet. Savings are instantly credited back into the shopper’s bank account. 

The User Experience – Sample Scenario

Jennifer is out shopping at the mall on a Saturday afternoon, mobile phone in hand. She finds the perfect pair of shoes, swipes her credit card at the register and is about to walk out of the store.

Within seconds, before she even walks out of the store, she receives a text message from her bank. The text message is an offer for $5 off a $15 order at a new café in the same mall. It’s now lunchtime. Based on the $5 offer she chooses to eat at the café in the mall versus either going home or visiting a restaurant outside the mall.

The $5 is credited back to Jennifer’s account as soon as she purchases her meal.

Geocommerce Offers enables merchants to reach new and existing customers with more relevant and valuable offers. Merchants will experience higher redemption rates, acquire more customers, and drive more revenue from marketing efforts.

Purchase and Location Finally Meet

Geocommerce Offers is powered by a data analytics engine built on the most predictive data–consumers’ transaction data. Combined with location-based technology, this enables edo to deliver the most targeted offers at the location where a consumer is most likely to make another purchase, in close proximity to another merchant’s store.

“We see the card as the connection. Card-linked offers are as easy for merchants as they are for consumers, no matter how big or small,” says Ed Braswell, CEO and president of edo.

“Marketers can easily target based upon transaction behavior, with no need for additional systems, point-of-sale integration, staff training, coupons, or vouchers that slow down service. With our new Geocommerce capability, we’ve married location and purchase for the first time, giving consumers highly targeted offers that they are more likely to redeem.”

Geocommerce Offers is a new enhancement to the edo card-linked offer platform, which connects online advertising with in-store results by delivering instantly redeemable deals that are automatically available through consumers’ credit, debit cards, and mobile devices.

Geocommerce Offers is currently in beta testing and will be widely available in July 2012.

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