Eco-Products has teamed up with Zao Asian Café to introduce an innovative bowl that does double duty: Guests can eat from the bowl while dining in or use it as a takeout container for their meal at home.

They can also feel better knowing that the bowls are made from sugarcane fiber—a 100 percent renewable resource that can be grown again and again.

“One bowl that does double-duty keeps life simple for our guests and for our employees,” says Nathan Williams, project manager for Zao Asian Café. “Our bowls are also gentler for the planet, so everyone comes out ahead. We could not be happier.”

Zao Asian Café, which has nine locations throughout Utah, is a popular chain of fast-casual restaurants offering simple, healthy Asian dishes with bold flavors and fresh ingredients. That includes rice and noodle bowls, tacos, soups and salads.

“We’re proud to be working with Zao Asian Café, an innovative restaurant chain that truly cares about its guests, employees and the planet,” says Sarah Martinez, marketing director for Eco-Products.“Zao Asian Café is clearly taking a positive leadership role in the industry.”

The compostable bowl comes with a special lid custom-designed by Eco-Products for take-out meals. The clear lid is made of 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic, meaning that water bottles and other plastics are now being given new life. The heat-resistant, snap-on lid is embossed with the logo of Zao Asian Café.

“These bowls are stylish, strong and versatile,” Martinez says. “Zao Asian Café is clearly committed to creating the best dining experience possible, whether its guests are eating in or at home.

The bowls offer a number of advantages: They’re grease and cut resistant, freezer safe, and are made from 100 percent renewable and reclaimed resources.

“These bowls show that environmentally friendly products perform just as well—and oftentimes even better—than conventional products,” Martinez says. “Zao Asian Café is demonstrating real leadership, showing that it truly cares about its guests as well as the environment. The future is very bright for Zao Asian Café.”

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