Eatsa, the revolutionary restaurant technology provider, announced it is offering a new suite of products for virtual restaurants and delivery-only operators as the use of mobile ordering and third-party delivery continues to gain popularity. Food delivery giant Deliveroo is the first to use eatsa’s latest offering at its newly announced Editions site in Singapore, located at ALICE@MEDIAPOLIS. The site, called Deliveroo Food Market, is powered by eatsa’s fully automated restaurant experience platform.

“The new Deliveroo Food Market is infused with technology, designed to offer customers a taste of dining in the future. Self-serve kiosks and automated digital cubbies from eatsa power the order and pick up process, making the entire experience easy and seamless for both customers and restaurants. eatsa’s technology is a vital part of making our latest concept so innovative and exciting for consumers and restaurant partners alike,” says Deliveroo.

“Virtual restaurants, which are designed specifically for delivery, are going to be a game changer for the industry. The huge consumer shift we are seeing toward delivery has created an undeniable opportunity for restaurant brands, as well as the people building virtual restaurants, to tap into these new revenue channels without the capital expenditure of a traditional restaurant,” adds Tim Young, CEO of eatsa. “Our flexible, configurable system can adapt to the varying needs of virtual restaurants while truly enabling the efficiencies this new operating model promises.”

The virtual restaurant model enables operators to easily create and test proprietary brands to appeal to customers’ changing tastes and differentiate from competitors. This means these delivery-only kitchens often host several restaurant concepts with multiple menus, and serve as a centralized pickup point for different delivery service providers. eatsa’s combined Omnichannel Intelligent Queue Software, Kitchen Management System and recently launched Spotlight Pickup System work together to streamline operations for all onsite staff and fundamentally improve delivery logistics.

The benefits of eatsa’s suite of solutions for virtual restaurants include:

  • Precise ETA: eatsa’s Omnichannel Intelligent Queue Software allows operators to provide down-to-the-minute order availability times based on real-time kitchen throughput, rather than pre-set times with built-in buffers. This helps greatly improve critical end-customer value proposition around the estimated time of arrival for delivery and prevents food from sitting around for too long prior to pick-up.
  • Improved Logistics: eatsa’s hardware and software solutions help delivery drivers know exactly where to go when they arrive at a virtual restaurant or delivery-only restaurant with a digital Status Board and delivery service provider-branded pickup station. eatsa can also send the order status and pickup location to a driver’s app. Additionally, eatsa’s back of house and pickup systems track the exact journey of an order from the time it’s received to the time it’s picked up allowing operators insight on order data to maximize efficiency and improve dispatching.
  • Streamlined Operations: eatsa’s centralized kitchen management solution can ingest orders from multiple channels including third-party delivery, mobile, walk-up, web and catering, and then route the orders back out to the appropriate cook station or kitchen without any human intervention or tedious manual queue handling from multiple tablets. The solution can also dynamically sequence orders in the kitchen based on live traffic and the size of the orders.
  • Automated Front of House: For virtual restaurants that choose to create a customer-facing experience, eatsa’s self-service kiosk ordering and automated pickup systems enable operators a fully functional, highly engaging, walk-in customer experience without adding labor.
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