Eataly Downtown is scheduled to open its doors on August 11 at noon on the Third Floor of World Trade Center Tower 4. The first 100 people to enter Eataly will receive a ticket for a complimentary tasting tour of the new store, to be booked within the month of September. Partner Lidia Bastianich will be there on opening day for a ribbon cutting. Starting August 12, Eataly Downtown is open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.

“When Nicola Farinetti opened Eataly Flatiron in 2010, it changed the neighborhood and Manhattan,” says partner Joe Bastianich. “As Eataly opens Downtown the opposite will happen and the store will evolve as part of the rejuvenation of this part of the City.”

Upon entering, all guests are greeted with a prominent display of bread—the location’s theme, which is a symbol of community and connectivity around the world as well as a representation of Eataly’s commitment to wholesome, quality ingredients.

“Each location of Eataly is dedicated to a value,” says CEO Nicola Farinetti, who envisioned the concept of Eataly with his brothers and father. “At Eataly Downtown we’ve chosen ‘Bread’ as our theme so we have a platform to break bread and talk about culture in one of the most important and most diverse cities in the world.” Eataly Downtown is the first location to feature a selection of bread that goes beyond Italian preparations.

Created with the local community in mind, Eataly Downtown brings to light the treasured aspects of regional Italian culture and cuisine in partnership with local vendors at its marketplace and restaurants. Unique to Downtown, Eataly allows guests to step away from the marketplace for a meal. Rustic wood beam ceilings, floor-to-ceiling living plant walls, and large picture windows surround the main restaurants of Eataly, which have a dedicated section of the third floor. Neapolitan pizzas are on offer from Rossopomodoro alongside additional regional Italian seafood and pasta options for lunch and dinner. All of Eataly’s dining areas will feature pasta and an extensive breakfast menu is available for the first time.

At Eataly Downtown, guests can enjoy these exclusive offerings throughout the day:


Eataly’s 35-year-old mother yeast was brought to New York City for the Flatiron opening in 2010. Two years later, the bakers ensured it was rescued from Hurricane Sandy. This same mother yeast is the base for the bread made at Eataly Downtown, including a special loaf known as “Pane Mediterraneo,” created by Expert Miller and Baker Fulvio Marino.

A representation of seeds and grains found along the Mediterranean coast, the “Pane Mediterraneo” loaf is made with Rye and Whole Wheat flours grown and milled specially for Eataly incorporating seven grains and seeds including: Farro, Pumpkin, Poppy, Sesame, Sunflower, Millet, and Flax.

All of Eataly’s breads are baked on premise with most varieties baked in the custom-built, wood-fired oven. Each month, different bread from around the world will be highlighted in the bakery in partnership with esteemed guest bakers and bread experts. The bakery will also feature an abundant selection of sweet and savory focaccia as well as the beloved Roman street food, Pizza alla Pala, served on a wooden pala, or paddle.

Osteria della Pace

Inspired by the cuisine of Southern Italy, Osteria della Pace is the more elaborate of the dining options at Eataly Downtown. The restaurant’s separate dining room offers privacy from the main experience of Eataly while further accentuating the authentic, emotional connection to Italian culture and cuisine for which Eataly is known.

Chef Riccardo Orfino is at the helm of this refined, welcoming restaurant preparing seasonal dishes that will remind diners of the Southern Italian lifestyle he knew as a child. His attention to detail and quality ingredients is captured in the Spaghettoni ai 3 Pomodori made with a simple sauce that marries two varieties of Southern Italian DOP tomatoes with one American tomato.


A free “university” for all ages where people are encouraged to play with their food through live demos and tastings around a kitchen table. Classes start at Noon, 1pm, and 6pm, daily. Advance registration is not necessary.

Orto e Mare

Sit-down and to-go breakfast options conveniently located near the entrance. Eataly Downtown is the first to offer a comprehensive breakfast menu with sweet and savory choices from Executive Chef Alex Pilas. In the afternoon, the area transitions to a menu that highlights seasonal produce and sustainable seafood.

La Piadina Romagnola by the Fratelli Maioli

A popular Italian street food available in sweet and savory preparations. Grilled Italian flatbread is wrapped around a selection of greens, meats, cheese, or sweet fillings. Piadine are made to order in an area designed to mimic the blue and white striped “beach tents” in the coastal towns of Emilia-Romagna.

Mirko and Alessandro Maioli, young restaurateurs from Cervia, are the owners of “Le Ghiaine” in Milano Marittima, which inspired La Piadina Romagnola at Eataly Downtown. Their family has made Piadine for four generations and is known for their traditional flatbread recipe.

Fresh Juice Bar

Choose from a variety of freshly pressed juices and smoothies incorporating seasonal fruits and vegetables that will be beautifully arranged by color.        


A first for Eataly in the U.S., Pastry Chef Katia Delogu offers a seasonal selection of these prized bite-sized Italian pastries. In the Italian tradition, assorted pasticcini are offered as gifts and served as dessert, as a treat to accompany espresso, and for celebrations with spumante.

Le Insalate

Salads made to order. Lemon juice, Italian Vinegars, and a wide range of regional Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oils are available as dressing including a light, buttery Northern Italian variety and a robust, peppery selection from Southern Italy. A pasta salad option is also served.


At Eataly, the saying goes, “We cook what we sell, and we sell what we cook.” For guests on-the-go, this is a dedicated section of housemade food ready to take home and enjoy.

L’Espresso/Il Vino

A premium Italian coffee bar by day and a lively wine bar by night. This unique area of Eataly transforms from a morning gathering place to a destination for happy hour featuring wines by the glass and wine cocktails.

The Market

Eataly Downtown also features many of the Italian specialties New Yorkers have come to associate with the marketplace including:

Mozzarella Bar

Fresh mozzarella is made by hand, daily, right in front of visiting guests. Starting at 7 a.m., resident mozzarella makers transform fresh curd into mozzarella using nothing more than boiling salted water and their own hands. On special occasions, creamy stracciatella and burrata will be available.

Fresh Pasta Counter

Pastai, or pastamakers, transform the simple ingredients of water, flour and pasture raised eggs from Moravia, NY, into intricate pasta shapes inspired by the rich traditions of Italy’s many regions.

Over 10,000 Products

Thousands of imported Italian products and local seasonal specialties on offer include everything from the simplest sea salt, extra virgin olive oil and dried pasta to the decadent fresh truffles and aged balsamic vinegar from the city of Modena.

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