The latest small-batch release from Portland’s Eastside Distilling reveals for consumers what life is like below the deck: the newly released Below Deck Small Batch Spiced Rum teases the palate with a gently aged blend of whole exotic spices, made right in the Pacific Northwest.

Since its creation, handcrafted Below Deck Spiced Rum was originally available only in the tasting room at Eastside Distilling, in the heart of Portland’s famed Distillery Row. On April 1, 2014, it became available regionally and, thanks to its growing reputation, is now available nationwide through select retailers.

Below Deck Spiced Rum is a premium double-distilled rum that, as it first touches your palate, hints at subtle mulling spices and just a touch of citrus zest. As it awakens one's senses, flavors such as rich hazelnut, tawny, and caramel hues come from within the bottle, and aromatic notes of burnt sugar, allspice, toffee, cinnamon, candied ginger, and molasses swirl around the olfactory senses as they release.

“Below Deck Spiced Rum is, in a lot of ways, the culmination of the skills and passions of everyone here at Eastside Distilling, from our master distiller, Mel Heim, to our dedicated and passionate crew,” says Lenny Gotter, who founded Eastside Distilling in 2009. “We’re very proud to be able to deliver this to a national audience of spiced rum aficionados. It will be worth the wait.”

And while Below Deck Spiced Rum is great on the rocks, it also works in a number of tasty cocktails, such as:

  • Red Dawn: Below Deck Spiced Rum, pineapple juice, and a splash of grenadine
  • Springtime Party Punch: Below Deck Spiced Rum mixed with Eastside Distilling’s springtime punch (made out of BG Reynolds vanilla syrup, ginger ale, lime juice, grenadine, and water)

As part of its Oregon introduction, Eastside Distilling poured these two cocktails at the 14th annual Red Dress Party, a major fundraiser for two of Eastside Distilling’s favorite non-profit organizations, the Our House of Portland and Morrison Child and Family Services.

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