Eastern Tabletop launched another exciting buffet display piece with its new circular Moving Buffet unit.

Made from top quality stainless steel, the Moving Buffet is made to withstand the rigors of the banqueting and buffet industry and last for many years. The standard finish is a brushed stainless steel, but with Eastern Tabletop’s proprietary XYLO Coloring Program, the Moving Buffet unit can be made in nearly any color of the rainbow.

The shelves in Eastern’s Moving Buffet can be either tempered glass or high-grade acrylic, depending upon the customer’s preference.

Eastern’s easily moveable Moving Buffet unit also features a safety brake-lock system that quickly makes the unit a stationary display piece. Then, with a couple of quick releases, the Moving Buffet can quickly be on the move again.

The two-piece Moving Buffet unit from Eastern Tabletop is designed to be used as a singular circular unit when the pieces are placed together but can also be split to provide a breathtaking walk-through entrance for a bride and groom, for instance.

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