Even with diligent cleaning, bacteria, mold and mildew continue to build up on our food prep stations, counters and tables. This is an ever-present challenge to restaurants, universities, hotels, convention centers, and country clubs. With the health-conscious customer today we have choices and changes to make toward creating cleaner, protected food preparation and dining environments. Eastern Tabletop Inc., a leading provider of buffet equipment, in partnership with Vyv, the pioneer in continuous use UV-free antimicrobial light technology, introduced CLEANOHR, a new line of products designed for hands-free microbial cleaning of commercial kitchens, buffet stations, and conference rooms. This new line up of products is part of Eastern’s mission to keep the hospitality industry alive and thriving and help everyone adapt and transition to a new, cleaner world.

“With CLEANOHR, 2021 recipient of the Kitchen Innovations Award, we are able to create complete interior environments that are fundamentally inhospitable for viruses, bacteria and other microbes to survive, replicate or grow on surfaces,” says Sol Basch, President of Eastern Tabletop Inc. “By partnering with Vyv, Eastern is making a major advancement in our mission to instill greater confidence for guests.”

Each year foodborne illnesses sicken 48 million Americans (approximately 17 percent of people in the United States) and lead to 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths. Eastern’s CLEANOHR continuous-use antimicrobial lighting products kill2 foodborne organisms such as salmonella and listeria as well as many other organisms, including viruses and is foundational to creating a multilayered defense system. Ideally designed for retrofit, remodel and replacement, the unique aspect of CLEANOHRTM is that it multitasks as both traditional lighting while providing antimicrobial protection 24/7 with Vyv’s proprietary Antimicrobial+LightTM LED technology, which meets standards for continuous and unrestricted use around people. 

The UV-free antimicrobial portable strip lighting is very flexible to many housing options and can be used with a pendant light, magnetic self-stick or can be slid into Eastern’s specially designed self-standing countertop units. Strips come in 2’ lengths and can daisy chain up to 12’.

In addition, to the strip lighting, Vyv’s overhead antimicrobial lighting fixtures provide continuous protection from the time food supplies are received to when the food is served. Each environment is unique when it comes to this new layer of continuous cleaning. Eastern has teamed up with Vyv’s team of antimicrobial experts to ensure that all surfaces are fully lit to provide the maximum antimicrobial light dosages.

“With the exponential rise in demand for proven and trusted environment wellness solutions, Vyv’s continuous use antimicrobial technology combined with Eastern’s quality products and trusted reputation, allow us to provide solutions that address both the current and future challenges facing the hospitality industries,” says Kristin May, Chief Commercial Operations Officer, Vyv. “The new line up of CLEANOHRTM products with Vyv antimicrobial LED technology inside perfectly positions Eastern to bring sustainable solutions to both help in the transition to get this sector back up and running and continue to combat these microbial issues well beyond the current pandemic challenges.”

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