Eastern Food Safety, a leader in food safety education, has created a revolutionary training program for the food industry that uses language-free, visual demonstrations of food safety procedures.

Food Safety Show and Tell videos are available covering five topics: Personal Hygiene, Cross Contamination, Food Storage and Labeling, Time and Temperature Controls, and Cleaning and Sanitizing.

The kitchen demonstration videos are short and cross over all learning barriers making them effective for all levels of food workers. They are designed for new employees as well as for continuing food safety education. The video program offers online access from any mobile device and one set price covers 3 months of usage.

The Food Safety Show and Tell videos and video samples are available atwww.easternfoodsafetyonline.com.

The Food Safety Show and Tell Video program was created by Certified ServSafe Instructor Cindy Rice, RS, CPFS and Richard Andrea, a chef and veteran educator. Both are members of the National Restaurant Association, the International Association of Food Protection, and the National Environmental Health Association.

Rice serves on the Massachusetts Dept of Education's Lifeskills Advisory Council and the Partnership for Food Safety Education. Rice holds numerous certifications, including Certified Professional in Food Safety; Registered Sanitarian; Certified Environmental Health Technician; Certified ServSafe Instructor; and Certified HACCP Manager.

“Richard and I have collaborated on these Show and Tell videos to address a real need in the industry,” Rice says. “Restaurant and food industry managers cannot assume that employees understand and practice these basic yet critical safety procedures without proper training. Frequent turnover and language barriers in the industry make these videos important training tools for everyone in the industry.”

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