With nearly two years under its belt, East Coast Beer Co. is happy to announce that it has expanded its craft beer distribution into Connecticut with its newfound partnership with Dichello Distributors.

This conglomeration will allow more than half the population of Connecticut to be able to purchase both of East Coast Beer Co.’s brews, Beach Haus Classic American Pilsner and Winter Rental Black Lager, as well as any of its future creations.

At the moment, Beach Haus Classic American Pilsner and Winter Rental Black Lager are distributed throughout New Jersey and parts of Central Pennsylvania.

“This is very exciting for us,” says John Merklin, co-owner of East Coast Beer Co. “Dichello Distributors has a lot of reach in its markets and it is aggressively pursuing the craft beer market. They get us and our mission, not just our beer.”

“Dichello [got] its first shipment of our beer mid-January and [had plans] to hit the market right away,” says Brian Ciriaco, co-owner of East Coast Beer Co. “We are happy that we found the right distributor to help us start making our way into the New England area.”

Founded in 1933, Dichello Distributors is one of four Connecticut beverage wholesalers that is affiliated with Anheuser-Busch but also focuses on independent craft beers. Serving Litchfield, Fairfield, New Haven, and Middlesex counties, Dichello distributes to more than 2,000 bars and restaurants, as well as 1,000 liquor and grocery stores.

Despite being the largest distributor of alcoholic beverages in Connecticut, Dichello is very much involved with responsible drinking campaigns including bartender TIPS training.

“These guys [John Merklin and Brian Ciriaco] are really great to work with, and we are really excited about their beer,” says Geoffrey Acampora, director of marketing at Dichello Distributors. “John and Brian really know their beer, when to have fun, and how to do it, and it shows throughout the imagery for their beer. They are perfect for the beer business and we will stand behind them and whatever products they produce.”

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