DW Haber & Son, manufacturers of indestructible banqueting equipment since 1902, have introduced The Teak Fusion Buffet System, the newest and most stylish line of banqueting equipment available on the market.

Made from 100 percent recycled teak, the Teak Fusion Buffet System expertly combines durability and function with style and fashion. The Teak Fusion Buffet System collection includes risers, shelving, and tiles that beautifully present food for small and large functions.

There are many benefits to the Haber Teak Fusion Buffet System, the most important one being versatility. The Teak Fusion Buffet System can be used inside or outside for any size event. It’s extremely easy to clean and store, making catering events a breeze.  This system also has the ability to incorporate everything from induction ranges and grills to cold fusion systems – allowing a wide variety of foods to be served.  What’s more, The Teak Fusion Buffet System comes in three fantastic wood finishes, Ash Grey, Grey Wash, and Natural Teak.  Each color provides a natural look that will dramatically enhance the banquet or event experience. 

“Innovation is on-going at DW Haber,” says company President David Haber. “The trend is for a more natural presentation to compliment the types and origins of food being served. Teak is an exceptional material—not only because of its durability, but its finish. It really makes a statement when presenting food for any function or event. 

The Teak Fusion system was also engineered to work in tandem with the original DW Haber Fusion system.  All the elements and components work together and can be combined for different menus and presentations.

For more information about Teak Fusion Buffet System and an immediate consultation on how it can enhance your buffet presentations, visit http://www.dwhaber.com/

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