Duffy's Sports Grill, with 24 locations in Florida, has expanded its MVP loyalty program with the addition of mobile check-in, mobile sign-up, and real-time messaging capabilities. Its MVP program is powered by Paytronix Systems, Inc., a provider of loyalty, gift, comp, and email solutions for restaurants.

A Paytronix customer since 2010, Duffy's runs a successful MVP rewards program that has more than 425,000 active members who drive 70 percent of the transactions across its 24 casual-dining restaurants in Southern Florida. 

The Duffy's MVP loyalty program segments guests based on behavior into three spending tiers: MVP, All Star, and Hall of Fame. With check-level data and other metrics provided by Paytronix's POS integrated solution, Duffy's is able to strategically design messaging, offers, and promotions tailored to each tier's behavior.

The new Paytronix capabilities complement the existing POS-integrated loyalty program with:

  • Mobile Check-in: allows members to go cardless and still earn points or redeem rewards when they check in to identify themselves at the POS; it also allows Duffy's servers to see who has checked in on its POS screens and reward loyal guests for revenue-generating behaviors.
  • Mobile Sign-up: eliminates paper applications and the store level administration of the MVP program in favor of digital enrollment. This will provide Duffy's with much better, qualified data from guests when they sign up via Duffy's mobile app, text message, or online via its website. New members can also join via the MVP Kiosk in the lobby of each restaurant.
  • Real-Time, Behavior-Triggered Messaging: enables Duffy's to quickly communicate with guests on limited-time offers, surveys on new menu items, and the distance to the next reward. It also remind guests of rewards earned as well as expiration dates.

"Our loyalty members drive almost three quarters of our transactions, so it's important that we communicate to each segment with relevant messages and with offers that make sense to our cost structure," says Sandy Nelson, director of marketing, Duffy's Sports Grill. "Paytronix's mobile check-in, mobile sign up, and real-time messaging capabilities deepen the channels of our communications and help us enrich our relationship with our most valuable guests."

"Duffy's truly understands the value of guest data," says Michelle Tempesta, product manager of Paytronix. "With tiers, the marketing team is able to identify its most valuable guests and invest what it needs to in order to engage, reward, and ultimately retain its best guests. The addition of the Paytronix messaging tools and new mobile capabilities will help the Duffy's marketing team further attract and engage its guests with timely, relevant messages."

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